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Importance of Event Marketing

Time to rev back up your live event marketing efforts. It seems to me that most organizations have forgotten some of the key activities needed to drive a successful event. “Just put it out on all our social outlets. Have the sales team invite customers.” These are just a small part of what’s needed to

Tips for Running a Successful Video Blog

Clearly organizations must have a video strategy today in order to keep their prospect funnel full. Due diligence is mostly online now and most shoppers draw a conclusion of your business based on your site. (Is your last blog post from 2017? Is your site friendly across all platforms? Etc.) Audio is one of the

How to Use Video as an Innovative Recruitment Strategy

Finding great employees is notably the one thing that keeps CEO’s up at night. In many cases, companies pay little attention to how they appear to recruits – just posting openings in a selected area of their site. However, its important to share the culture of your company and tell the real stories of your