KRD Collective


KRD Collective brings together an all-star team to each project. Upon understanding the needs of our client, we jump into action placing the right team member to lead each endeavor.

Randy Davidson  is the CEO and founder of KRD Collective. A serial entrepreneur, Randy has launched several businesses in the last 20 years and steered each one to liquidity events. His most recent divesture was CEO NEWS, a media company with online publications throughout Georgia and South Carolina. After the sale of the business, he continued to work with the CEO team on content strategy and ROI initiatives. This experience furthered his knowledge of digital content creation leading him to launch KRD Collective.


Drew Waters is a noted actor and Director/Producer and Co-CEO of Argentum Entertainment. Within his more than 13 yrs of industry experience, Drew has found success both behind and in front of the camera. Most recognized for his roles on the hit TV series Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad, Drew channeled his industry contacts into providing cutting edge content solutions. Drew is eager to bring fresh ideas to life.

Erin Bethea is a producer and writer, with over a decade of entertainment experience. She is also CO-CEO of Argentum Entertainment.  Erin’s film career began in the starring role of 2008’s #1 independent film, Fireproof. She then expanded her talents to include both performer & freelance marketer for companies like the Walt Disney Co. & Fox Home Entertainment. Now through producing, Erin brings a unique understanding of the industry to quality project.


Jim Stone has over 25 years of leadership experience and is the owner of Tytan Pictures. He has a passion for filmmaking and defines himself as a storyteller who challenges and inspires people to see the world from a different angle. Jim is the Executive Producer and most importantly a Visionary of our team. Jim is personally an Eight time Emmy Award winner and has achieved over 200 industry awards.

Roxy Stone’s career began in still photography. She is an owner of Tytan Pictures. A curious and creative artist all of her life, her work is noted for her unique, inside approach, which permits the audience to connect with the subject on an emotional level. Roxy’s love of photography has transformed into a shared love with cinematography. She won an Emmy for her Cinematography in 2017.


Matt Hanner is the founder and CEO of Motion House Media. He has worked with numerous nonprofits, cause entities and local governments to raise awareness through impactful videos. Matt is an expert at conceptualizing creative ways to put your stories and ideas in motion. Our approach is to use the latest industry techniques coupled with good ole storytelling.

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